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Application forms for the 2016 summer study scholarships are now available here. We are offering three scholarships:

    3 weeks of university study in Spain, sponsored by the Embassy of Spain
    2 weeks of language school study in Costa Rica, sponsored by the Costa Rica Spanish Institute/Máximo Novel.
    2 weeks of language school study in Cuernavaca, Mexico, sponsored by the Cemanahuac Educational Community.
    AATSP-VA will provide help with plane travel: up to $500.00 for Spain and up to $300.00 for Costa Rica and Mexico.

Deadline for receipt of application: January 31, 2016.

2015 AATSP-VA Scholarship Recipients

The winners of our two summer study scholarships were officially announced at the Center for the Liberal Arts Spring Workshop for Spanish Teachers in April. Each winner was presented with a certificate.

Going to the University of Salamanca is Autumn Yates, at teacher at Edlin School.
This scholarship is courtesy of the Ministery of Education, Culture, and Sports at the Embassy of Spain. It includes not only 3 weeks of language and culture classes, but several evening concerts and plays, at lease one weekend excursion, and all room and board expenses.

Going to Costa Rica is Sherrie Colby, a teacher at Stony Brook High School.
This scholarship is courtesy of COSI/Máximo Nivel Language School. It includes not only 2 weeks of language and culture classes, but full room and board.

The Virginia Chapter of AATSP provides help with the international flight, up to $300.00 for Costa Rica and up to $500.00 for Spain.

For further information, contact Sheila W. Cockey, Scholarship Chair, AATSP-VA.

See photo essays of previous winners

Gail Mabe, Spain 2008
Tricia Marcarian, Mexico 2008
Patti Turpin, Mexico 2009
Jackie Yau, Spain 2009
Tanya Sollien, Mexico 2010
Rebecca Still, Salamanca 2010
Ashley Holland, Mexico 2011
Patrick Wininger, Salamanca 2011
Nathan Andes, Madrid 2013
Nitza Fernandez-Plaski, Costa Rica 2013
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