AATSP-VA believes that your dedication to the field of education is immensely commendable and that having the opportunity to be immersed as an educator in a Spanish speaking country is priceless! Whether you are a teacher at the elementary, middle, high, or college level, we encourage you to consider these wonderful scholarship opportunities.
Deadline: Postmarked by February 28 of the year applying.


Embassy of Spain & AATSP-VA Spain Scholarship (K-12)

  • 3 weeks in Spain  - You will be assigned a prestigious university.
  • Lodging in university housing.
  • Meals and a excursion included
  • Amount for flight: $600.00

Antigua Guatemala, by Máximo Nivel (all Levels)

  • 2 weeks in Antigua Guatemala  
  • Lodging
  • Meals and airport pick-up included
  • Amount for flight: $300

Cuernavaca Mexico, by Cemanahuac Educational Community (all levels)

  • 2 weeks in Cuernavaca Mexico 
  • Lodging
  • Meals  and local excursions included
  • Amount for flight: $300

    • The applicant must have been a member of the AATSP-VA for at least 3 years
    • During the current academic year of application for this scholarship, the applicant must be a full-time teacher scheduled to teach at least 3 sections of Spanish per week.
    • During the academic year following receipt of this scholarship, it is projected that the applicant will be a full-time teacher and scheduled to teach at least 3 sections of Spanish per week.
    • Deadline: Postmarked 

      by February 28 of the year applying.

If you are awarded with one of the above scholarships, you will be expected to present a session at the 2019 FLAVA conference, write a photo essay and share lessons plans about what you learned and how the scholarship helped you to become a better Spanish teacher.

Previous Scholarships Recipients

Autumn Yates, Salamanca 2015
Alex Shourds, Salamanca 2014
Nitza Fernandez-Plaski, Costa Rica 2013
Nathan Andes, Madrid 2013
Patrick Wininger, Salamanca 2011
Ashley Holland, Mexico 2011
Rebecca Still, Salamanca 2010
Tanya Sollien, Mexico 2010
Jackie Yau, Salamanca 2009
Patti Turpin, Mexico 2009
Tricia Marcarian, Mexico 2008
Gail Mabe, Spain 2008