National Spanish Exam

National Spanish Exam 2019
The on-line registration deadline is January 31, 2019.  Virginia Chapter members whose students register as such and score well will receive recognition from the Virginia Chapter.  Awards are yet to be determined.  For more information see the national website or contact the Virginia Coordinator, Louis Blount at [email protected].

 National Spanish Exam, Spring Report, 2017 

The spring, 2017 National Spanish Exam has been completed. We had 131 teachers register 4, 734 students. A total of 67 schools registered, with 38 being private/independent schools, and 29 being public schools. Geographically, most of the schools are in the eastern portion of the state of Virginia. 

This year our prize structure is the same with students from Levels 01- Level 6 who score in Oro, Plata y Bronce categories (100% - 75%) receiving medals. These will ship out to their teachers. National is experimenting with another Level, a Pre-01, which is for students in an enrichment 6th grade Spanish class. 

The top three winners in each category, Regular, Outside Experience and Bilingual for Levels 01 - 6 will receive an additional plaque. This year, a change that we must institute as requested by National is not to award a plaque for our Top Private School and Top Public School winners. This is because, it is possible that one of the winners may have a lower score than a second place winner in the other school’s type—private or public. National only wants top scorers to receive the awards. 

All teachers who had students take the exam received their results on Tuesday, April 25th. Certain categorical and level winners will be placed on our website, once our mailings have been finished. Students’ scores are not allowed to be placed on line, nor can VA-AATSP disseminate teachers’ scores to another teacher at a different school. 

To promote the National Spanish Exam in the state of Virginia this school year, Kevin Cessna- Buscemi, the Director of the National Spanish Examinations, presented a workshop at FLAVA in Williamsburg this past fall, 2016 in which I was in attendance to assist him. 

Our financials were approved by National this past August, and are available upon request. 

Louis E. Blount,
State of Virginia, NSE Coordinator

For more information, please contact:
Virginia State Coordinator, Louis E. Blount at  [email protected]  or
visit National Spanish Exam Website at 

AATSP-VA Chapter NSE Award Infonation

In addition to the mandatory $4.00 national fee per student, teachers may choose to participate in the local Virginia chapter contest by paying the additional chapter fee of $1.00 per student which entitles the student to the following:

NSE Prize Structure 2016-17

2015-16 National Spanish Exam Winners

First Name Last Name Level Category               School Teacher   
Monali Gandhi '1 Classroom Experience Edlin School Navarro
Shresta Bangaru '2 Classroom Experience TJHSST Pou
Harrison Daley '01 Classroom Experience Edlin School Ramirez
Anna Carlucci '01 Outside Experience The Langley School Daniels
Alessandro Da Santos '01 Bilingual Saint John Academy Arana
 LEVEL 1      
Monali Gandhi '1 Classroom Experience Edlin School Navarro
Emma Chun '1 Outside Experience Saint Bridget School Crowder
Ellen Herrera '1 Bilingual St. Mary's Thompson
Haoxuan Yu '2 Classroom Experience Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Rayas Abundis
Ingrid Sukow '2 Outside Experience Lylburn Downing Middle School Clark
Valeria  Mejia '2 Bilingual Lucille Brown Middle School Cordero
Neeki Berenji '3 Classroom Experience Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology Mateo
Julia Martins '3 Outside Experience Miller School of Albemarle Taylor
Dalili Clegel Sosa '3 Bilingual Harrisonburg Garcia
Emily Sun '4 Classroom Experience Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Mateo
Nicoleta Gavris '4 Outside Experience Maggie L. Walker Quintero
Sebastian Ibarraran '4 Bilingual Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Mateo
 LEVEL 5      
Kevin Xu '5 Classroom Experience TJHSST Pou
Jordan Ganley '5 Outside Experience Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Pou
Tallak Meland '5 Bilingual Hampton Roads Academy Mertz
 LEVEL 6      
James Caven '6 Classroom Experience Maggie L. Walker Governor's School Welles
Madison Allen '6 Outside Experience Manchester High School McIntire
Marisabel Carrasco '6 Bilingual Wakefield Reder