Borges, eternal fictions from Argentina

The Argentine Embassy in the United States brings together artists and intellectuals to pay tribute to a great 20th century author: Jorge Luis Borges.

This event will let us discover key aspects of his life, thanks to the work of artists who will demonstrate the influence his work has had throughout time and space. Maria Kodama will participate, and we will enjoy the opening of treasured works generously held by the United States Library of Congress.
*Tuesday, December 6:
Place: Embassy of Argentina in Washington, DC
(Events in Spanish)
4.30pm: Screening of the film "The Books and the Night" (Los libros y la noche)
6.00 pm: Opening of photo exhibition "Atlas de Borges"
6.30 pm: Expert Panel on "Borges and his legacy"
Moderator: Paula Alonso, Professor and Director of Latin American and Hemispheric Studies, The George Washington University
"Borges, the other, and I: Reflections on ethics"
Laura Demaría, Professor, University of Maryland
"Translation and tradition: A Borges for the future"
Sergio Waisman, Professor, The George Washington University
"Borges and Macedonio. The local and the universal"
Todd Garth, Professor, United States Naval Academy
8.00 pm: Wine of Honor
*Wednesday, December 7:
Location: US Library of Congress
(Event in Spanish with some translation available) 
6.30 pm: "With Borges.  A Conversation with María Kodama"
Special guest: María Kodama
Moderator: Saúl Sosnowski, Professor, University of Maryland
-Includes a sample of first edition books by Borges, a documentary, and audios of the Argentine writer that are part of the Library’s collection
*Thursday, December 8:
Place: Embassy of Argentina in Washington, DC
(Events in Spanish)
6.30 pm: "El Aleph". Interpretation of Borges' story by the Argentine actress Muriel Santa Ana
6.50 pm: "The Library of Babel" (La Biblioteca de Babel).  Short film by the Argentine director Mariano Nante,
accompanied live by cellist Devree Lewis
7.00 pm: Wine of Honor
7.15 pm: "El Tango". Borges' poem read by Hugo Medrano, co-founder of the GALA Hispanic Theater
7.20: Milonga Night
Live music by Trifilio Tango Trio.  Special guest: Mariano Vales, piano
Tango dancing: Jorge Pereyra
9.15 pm: “Borges, eternal fictions from Argentina” program ends

RSVP: [email protected] (please include in the subject the event or events you are planning to attend)