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Announcing Elections for 2015 Board of Directors

These elections will take place on Friday, September 26, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Double Tree Hotel in Williamsburg, VA. This meeting will be held as a session during the FLAVA Conference. Please plan to attend!

Positions to be filled for the 2015 term are President, Vice President, and Secreary.
Below are brief biographies for the candidates running for President and Secretary.

Debbie Sommer:
My love of Spanish began when I was a child living in Chile. When we returned to the US I began studying Spanish as soon as it was offered. I graduated from Madison College (now JMU) with a BA in Spanish, and more recently I received my Masters' Degree from the University of Salamanca. I was a Spanish teacher for 29 years in Hampton City Schools. I served as vice president of AATSP for four years and have been serving as president for the last 4 years. I have served on the FLAVA Board since 2000. I have also been a member of the Governor's Spanish Academy Screening Committee since 1997. I am currently the Curriculum Leader for Foreign Languages and ESL. Secretary

Pam Ayuso:

I was born in Danville but have had a love for Spanish from the day I walked into Spanish I in high school. (My Plan A was to be a nurse!) By the 11th grade I knew I would be going to Stratford College in Danville, had met my professors and knew I would be spending my Junior Year in Spain. After graduation from Stratford, I went back to Spain and lived two more years. My son was born there. I've taught Spanish here at Tunstall High School for 30 years. Now I also teach at Averett University and Danville Community College. I go back to Spain whenever I have the chance. I served as Treasurer of the Virginia Chapter of AATSP for a few years and am currently Secretary of the Chapter.

Please contact our president, Debbie Sommer if you or someone you know have questions, are interested in filling the position of Vice President. You can reach Debbie at president@flavaweb.org.

2012-2013 Board of Directors
Debbie Sommer
Janet Beckmann
Vice President
Jackie Yau
Pam Ayuso
Presidenta Previa
Sheila W. Cockey
Past President
Redactor del Boletín
Celina Knez
Coordinador de NSE
Louis E. Blount
Coordinadora de SHH/SHA
Nitza Fernández-Plaski
Página Web
Sheila W. Cockey
Representante a FLAVA
Susanna Burgos
Representative to FLAVA
Relaciones Públicas
Public Relations

Elections will be held at the fall meeting for the offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary.

We are seeking people to fill the position of Public Relations and Webmaster. Contact our President, Debbie Sommer, for information about what each of these positions entails.

2010 Constitution
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Virginia Chapter

Revision approved April 17, 2010

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