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AATSP Poster Contest 2019

Click here to read about the K-12 AATSP-VA Poster Contest. 

Poetry Video Contest 

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2nd AATSP-VA Video Poetry Contest! Read more  >>

AATSP-VA Scholarship 2018-2019
Spain - Guatemala - Mexico

Whether you are a teacher at the elementary, middle, high, or college level, we encourage you to consider these wonderful scholarship opportunities.  
Apply Today!

Share classroom resources with other Spanish teachers!

The AATSP-VA is proud to post resource materials successfully used in the classroom.

Submissions Guidelines

Thank you for considering AATSP-VA website  as a place to post the resources you have developed. We are proud to share resource materials that have been successfully used in the classroom by Spanish teachers in Virginia or other states.

In order for us to best review your materials, please submit the form with your name, school, grade/Spanish Level you used the material, and a link where we can access and download the resource. The material can be shared via Google Drive/Google Slides/Dropbox/Box/Youtube.  If you have a public website, please share the url with us so other teachers  can visit the site and learn more about your work.

In order for us to best review your materials to post , please click here to submit the form.

Professional Development Opportunities

Check out our new "Upcoming Webinars and Workshop" page!

Chapter News

2019 FLAVA Conference

Everyone who registers for FLAVA before September 15, 2019, will have the lunch buffet paid for on Saturday!
AATSP-VA will be having a meeting during lunch on that Saturday.
Click here for more information >>

101st Annual AATSP Conference

Register for the 2019 annual conference in San Diego, California. Click here for more information >>

National Spanish Exam 2019

This year the on-line registration deadline for the NSE is January 31, 2019. 
Read more>>

Spanish Immersion for Students

Immersion program opportunity for students to stay with a Spanish family during the summer months to learn the language and culture. Mention the AATSP-VA when contacting them. For more information visit http://toptalkenglish.es/visit-spain/

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